Wobbler Strike Pro Jumper DR 110SP

Wobbler Strike Pro Jumper DR 110SP
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Product code:11000028973Art.:EG-192CL-SP#A010-EPHook:Running Depth:
Product code:11000028972Art.:EG-192CL-SP#A150-713Hook:Running Depth:
Product code:11000028971Art.:EG-192CL-SP#A223S-RPHook:Running Depth:
Product code:11000028974Art.:EG-192CL-SP#A234-SBO-LUHook:Running Depth:
Weight, grams:11 Running Depth MAX, m:4 Length, millimeters:110 Buoyancy:Suspending Type:Minnow Country of manufacture:Taiwan Brand:Strike Pro
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