Treble Hook Vmc Predator

Treble Hook Vmc Predator
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Product code:11000001912Art.:7545BN-01-EColor:Black NickelSize:
Product code:11000001913Art.:7545BN-02-EColor:Black NickelSize:
Product code:11000001922Art.:7545BN-04-EColor:Black NickelSize:
Product code:11000001914Art.:7545BN-06-EColor:Black NickelSize:
Product code:11000001915Art.:7545BN-08-EColor:Black NickelSize:
Product code:11000001911Art.:7545BN-10-EColor:Black NickelSize:
Country of manufacture:France Brand:Vmc
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Reinforced hook, the ideal choice for catching strong fish. Spark Point sharpening for instant reliable cutting. Incredibly sharp.

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