Single Hook Fladen Baitholder

Single Hook Fladen Baitholder
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Product code:11000010785Art.:BAIT-1Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010786Art.:BAIT-2Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010787Art.:BAIT-4Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010788Art.:BAIT-6Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010789Art.:BAIT-8Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010790Art.:BAIT-1-0Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010791Art.:BAIT-2-0Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010792Art.:BAIT-3-0Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010793Art.:BAIT-4-0Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010784Art.:BAIT-5-0Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010783Art.:BAIT-6-0Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010794Art.:BAIT-7-0Color:BronzeSize:
Product code:11000010795Art.:BAIT-8-0Color:BronzeSize:
Country of manufacture:Sweden Brand:Fladen
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Universal hook, has a coating resistant to sea water. There are two notches on the forearm to hold the nozzle. The hook stitch is bent inward. Standard length of forearm, straight ring. In the size range of this series of hooks, you can choose any desired size for a particular type of fishing, including sea fishing.

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