Polymer Coated Tapered Leader Rio Light Scandi VersiLeader

Polymer Coated Tapered Leader Rio Light Scandi VersiLeaderNylon core leader coated with a super low modulus polymer


Product code:11000002409Art.:24126Breaking Strength:24,0lb (10,9kg)Color:Sink Rate:5,0ips (12,7cmps)Material:Nylon / TungstenLength:10,0ft (3,04m)
Product code:11000002407Art.:24124Breaking Strength:24,0lb (10,9kg)Color:Clear with Clear LoopSink Rate:1,5ips (3,8cmps)Material:Nylon / TungstenLength:10,0ft (3,04m)
Product code:11000002408Art.:24125Breaking Strength:24,0lb (10,9kg)Color:Brown with Green LoopSink Rate:3,0ips (7,7cmps)Material:Nylon / TungstenLength:10,0ft (3,04m)
Product code:11000002410Art.:24123Breaking Strength:24,0lb (10,9kg)Color:TranslucentSink Rate:FloatingMaterial:NylonLength:10,0ft (3,04m)
Length, ft:10' 0" Country of manufacture:USA Brand:Rio
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RIO’S Scandi Versileaders are designed for the lighter weight Scandi heads and Spey lines, and are particularly suitable for heads up to 8wt in size. A range of different sinking (and floating) densities provide the angler with a wide range of quick-change depth options.

Lightweight, finely balanced tapers.

A complete range of floating and sinking densities.

Slim, neat welded loop in the butt for quick rigging.

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