Andrei Sokolov

Andrey Sokolov – is the most qualified specialist of our company. Andrey for many years been one of the most famous fly fisherman in Russia.

He is one of the founders of the first Russian brand of fly "Kola Salmon". Due to that. fly fishing equipment became available every angler. Today, the whole of Russia and some European countries catch rod and reel, designed by Andrei Sokolov.

He is the author of many new models of fly fishing flies, which become very popular in the country. He is a professional in the manufacture of the most catchability salmon flies and fishing by his flies is honored every advanced fly fisherman.

Andrei beautiful fisherman and a real guru in the techniques and tactics of catching salmon and trout on the Kola Peninsula. To get it invaluable tips and advice on a daily basis it is addressed dozens of fishermen from all over Russia.

Addition to this, Andrey is the author of numerous articles about fishing in the internet resourses and in the fly fishing journals.